What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 11:55 am
Liam Murphy and Conor McKenna. DER2145GS – 060

The lights were switched on at the weekend and Christmas is well and truly on its way.

The ‘Journal’ took to the streets to ask people: What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Rose Mary Gillespie said: “I would say the lights probably are the biggest thing for me. I love to see then twinkling as you’re walking along and I suppose just going around the shops and seeing everyone in a hurry.”

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Donna and Robb Orr. DER2145GS – 059

Eamonn Gillespie said: “I like all of Christmas - the turkey, the trimmings and that. I love the build-up to Christmas with the music and the lights and the tree. I love more-or-less everything about Christmas when I was a child, anything a child would think of - that’s what I love!

“I suppose it’s the expectation of it, you never really lose that expectation, although it changes and manifests itself into different things as you get older.”

Reece Thompson said: “My favourite would probably be the bar hopping you know! I love going to 12 pubs and seeing all my friends when I’m out.”

Malachy O’Neill said: “I love the lights and when the Christmas markets come. Things get so festive here.”

Joanna Webb and Jessica Mathews. DER2145GS – 058

Christina Doherty said: “Spending time with my wains. It can be expensive when you have four of them but you get there in the end. And it’s worth it to see their faces.”

Liam Murphy said: “Santa is my favourite thing! Family too, my children live in England so I don’t see them very often. Forget the trimmings and the lights, family is the most important to me.”

Conor McKenna said: “I think people get themselves into debt and danger worrying about having a good time. I think it’s lovely for children but I worry that people get into trouble. The cost of living has gone up and people are struggling already and Christmas pushes that.

“It’s a nice time but a sad time too. It’s nice if you can afford it and sad if you can’t.”

Rosemary and Eamon Gillespie. DER2145GS – 056

Jessica Matthews said: “I love giving gifts to the people I love and thinking about what matters to them and what they like .”

Georgana Wells: “I love to see my family because I don’t see them usually. “

Robert Orr: “Seeing the family and the creation of Jesus Christ. Him being born is very important.”

Donna Orr: “Being together with family would be one of my favourite things.”

Rhys Thompson and Malachi O’Neill. DER2145GS – 055
Christina Doherty. DER2145GS – 057