Police seize £8k worth of drugs in Limavady

Police seized £8,000 worth of drugs in Limavady at the weekend.Police seized £8,000 worth of drugs in Limavady at the weekend.
Police seized £8,000 worth of drugs in Limavady at the weekend.
Police seized £8,000 worth of drugs in Limavady during a search at the weekend.

One man, aged 48, was arrested following the seizure of suspected herbal cannabis and associated equipment from a house in the Limavady area on Saturday, 10 September.

A PSNI spokesperson said the man has been released on bail pending further police enquiries.

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PSNI Sergeant Ennis said officers seized the drugs during a pre-planned search of the property in a built-up residential street. It is understood the search was conducted at a property off the Roe Mill Road in the town.

SDLP Councillor John Deighan said: “I think the PSNI should be commended in this seizure and it’s very comforting to know that they are building intelligence and surveillance to deal with the problem of drugs in the Limavady area. However, it is vital that both PSNI and the public are vigilant to ensure these seizures continue.”

Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers said: “I welcome this seizure and news that £8,000 worth of drugs have been taken out of circulation and off the streets.”

Colr. Chivers, a member of the local Policing and Community Safety Partnership, said she often hears complaints that not enough is being done to tackle the problem of drugs locally.

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“I hear people criticising the police for not doing enough about drugs, but when that question was put to the police they say when they conduct raids, often those they are targeting are cute enough not to have any drugs on their premises,” said Colr. Chivers, “therefore, they say it’s hard to get the evidence they need that would lead to a conviction. So, it’s good to see the proactive work of the PSNI net a result and get these drugs off the streets of Limavady.”

PSNI Sergeant Ennis said the officers involved in Saturday’s search were “very pleased” to receive a ‘thank you’ picture from “a very young local resident”, which he said they’ll hang up “in pride of place”.

The PSNI officer in charge of tackling drugs crime has revealed the police are targeting between 50-70 crime gangs within Northern Ireland.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andrea McMullan said these gangs can range in size, but police are specifically focusing their efforts and attention on 100–130 people linked to drugs criminality.