As price inflation soars beyond wages Doyle calls for MLAs to go on £9.50 an hour

As price inflation continues to soar well beyond wages and incomes Aontú Councillor for Ballyarnett Emmet Doyle has called for MLAs to go on the minimum wage until the Executive and Assembly are fully restored.

Colr. Doyle said he estimated over £1 million has now been paid to MLAs when the Assembly and Executive is not sitting.

He said it is time for Assembly Members' salaries to be drastically reduced.

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“Parties at Stormont have massively underestimated the anger about MLAs remaining on full pay as everyone else looks wearily to what could be an immensely difficult winter.

Emmet Doyle

"Nurses, retail workers and carers don’t receive full pay when they do a fraction of their jobs. MLAs posting photos of themselves out and about is no substitute for them doing their jobs at Stormont," he said.

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Colr. Doyle claimed reducing politicians' wages to £9.50 an hour may precipitate a speedier return to power-sharing.

"We can all replay the fact the DUP are refusing to enter the institutions, but I don’t see any massive push from other parties to provide solutions to the problems people are now facing.

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"Until the Executive and Assembly are restored and MLAs are doing the job they are paid for, their salaries should be reduced to the minimum wage. Something tells me that this will focus minds and force them back to work," he said.