Darren Guy to run for the UUP in Derry

Local councillor Darren Guy will contest the December 12 Westminster general election for the Ulster Unionist Party in the Foyle constituency.
Darren Guy with UUP veteran Mary Hamilton.Darren Guy with UUP veteran Mary Hamilton.
Darren Guy with UUP veteran Mary Hamilton.

His council colleague Andy McKane, who was co-opted onto the local authority for Derek Hussey in August, has been announced as the party's candidate in West Tyrone.

Alderman Guy is the son of the late Mayor of Derry City Council, Jim Guy.

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A self-employed taxi-driver who grew up on Spencer Road but now lives in Kilfennan, Mr. Guy was elected to Derry City and Strabane District Council on his first electoral outing in May, topping the poll in the Waterside District Electoral Area (DEA).

Richard Holmes, the Garvagh-based Causeway Coast and Glens councillor, will run in East Derry.

Messrs Guy, McKane and Holmes have been named among 16 UUP candidates across the North.

The party will not stand in North Belfast or West Belfast.

Steve Aiken, the UUP leader, said: “This is the most important election in generations. The future direction of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s place within it is at stake. Three years on from the EU referendum we are offered a deal that puts a border up the Irish Sea and weakens the United Kingdom.

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“The Ulster Unionist Party is clear, if we are being asked to leave the European Union with the current disastrous deal then we are better to remain and protect our United Kingdom.

“We want to offer pro-Union voters a choice. A choice between Ulster Unionist candidates who will offer a positive, progressive vision for unionism, protecting our place within the United Kingdom and the DUP who have dropped the ball, allowing a border to be put up the Irish Sea and dragged the reputation of unionism into the gutter.

“I am proud to offer a slate of candidates who will stand up for positive, progressive, pro-Union values and ensure Northern Ireland is a modern, vibrant part of a modern, vibrant United Kingdom.”