Eastwood brands Putin 'gangster and despot' and urges Johnson to act on 'Russian money'

Colum Eastwood has described Vladimir Putin as a 'gangster and despot' and called on the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to 'rid our democracy of Russian money'.

The SDLP leader spoke in support of the economic sanctions on the Russian Federation that were announced by the British Government following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"I welcome and support the measures outlined by the Prime Minister today. Putin is a gangster and a despot who has been trying to undermine and subvert democracy across the world for years. One of the tools he uses is donations to political parties, including in this country. Will the Prime Minister commit today to ridding our democracy of Russian money?" asked the Foyle MLA.

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Mr. Johnston replied: "Yes, of course."

An armoured personnel carrier burns and damaged light utility vehicles stand abandoned after fighting in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022. The city authorities said that Ukrainian forces engaged in fighting with Russian troops that entered the country's second-largest city on Sunday. (AP Photo/Marienko Andrew)