Hardline republican group Saoradh claims 'phantom threats' against Sinn Féin members are 'bogus'

Hardline republican group Saoradh has claimed reputed threats against Sinn Féin members, reported by the party's vice-president Michelle O'Neill this week, are 'bogus.'

"For over two decades now the use of phantom threats by Sinn Féin to distract and deflect from policy changes, the abandonment of ideological principle and political mistakes and miscalculations has become a tried and tested tactic," it said in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement was issued after Michelle O'Neill said a 'New IRA' threat to plant a bomb in the car of a party activist must be lifted immediately.

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The Sinn Féin leader issued the call after being told by the PSNI of a credible threat against party members on Monday.

Mrs. O'Neill called on the so-called 'New IRA' to disband.

“Following the recent launch of a PSNI recruitment campaign, police have told Sinn Féin tonight that persons aligned with the dissident Republican group, the so-called New IRA, plan to attack a Sinn Féin member using an under car explosive device.

“We have been told this planned attack could happen anywhere in the north," she said.

On Wednesday, Saoradh, which has consistently denied links to the 'IRA', claimed this was a 'phantom threat.'

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Saoradh National Executive member Alan Lundy clamed: “These threats are non-existent and totally bogus. It is quite clear to anyone with an ounce of sense that they have been collectively manufactured by the MI5-directed PSNI and Sinn Féin."