IRSP will fight to change economic policies that hurt the working class

I’ve been working within my community for over twenty years trying to improve the lives of my neighbours and friends.

By Colly McLaughlin
Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 1:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 1:37 pm

I see every day the results of Tory-inspired Stormont austerity programmes.

I see how ordinary people have been left behind and that lives have not improved economically since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

The economic policies of Stormont are hurting the working class and we must fight to change this.

Colly McLaughlin

The Foyle constituency has been starved of jobs and investment by the Stormont regime whilst money is poured into Belfast.

The £400 million spend on the new Ulster University campus in Belfast city centre alongside the decision to not increase numbers at Magee is just one example of how the elites treat us in Derry.

It’s well over fifty years since people like Johnny White marched and campaigned for a new university to be brought to Derry. We are still fighting that fight and we are only deluding ourselves to think that Stormont will ever give this city region a fair share of investment.

We need to look at alternatives such as the proposed partnership with Letterkenny and the Irish government. Derry needs a first class university and if it means looking beyond an unwilling Stormont then that is what we should do.

The university is only one example of many issues facing the people of this city. Our average wage is much lower than Belfast’s. Our unemployment rate is higher.

Where are the policies from the mainstream parties to address this imbalance? Have they even looked at this and do they even see it as an issue. Derry has been left behind and is an economic dead zone.

The price rises by greedy utility companies must be challenged and stopped.

The recent £200 that was given to households by Stormont to offset rising energy bills will do nothing other than delay hardship for a few weeks whilst swelling the profits of these energy companies.

The IRSP are proposing that utility companies be taken into public ownership and that a major investment in renewables take place thereby protecting our most vulnerable citizens from the profiteers in these private companies who’s only motivation is to take money out of our pockets. Let’s hit them where it hurts and no longer allow them to prey on our most economically vulnerable sections of our community.

The IRSP are the only party in this election demanding a date for a border poll. If elected Irish Unity will be top of my agenda.

Stormont simply cannot work. It is built on too many contradictions and we need to sort out the constitutional question once and for all.

We have seen a real change in the demographics in the north. Unionists are quickly losing their inbuilt majority. The northern state is 100 years old and it is our aim to bring about its end as quickly as possible.

Therefore a date for a border poll is essential and we have made this a priority.