Middleton raises need for 20 mph zones outside schools

Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton has questioned the Minister for Infrastructure Nicola Mallon on implementation of 20mph limits.
Foyle UP MLA Gary Middleton.Foyle UP MLA Gary Middleton.
Foyle UP MLA Gary Middleton.

Mr Middleton said “I have been contacted by many concerned parents across the Foyle constituency regarding speeding outside of schools, particularly in rural areas. Safety outside of our schools must be a priority. The Department for Infrastructure must look at all potential measures to ensure that our children and young people are safe when entering and leaving the school premises.

One of the measures that could be introduced is 20mph zones. I have questioned the Minister on the implementation of such schemes.”

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In response to the question the Minister said: “As Minister responsible for promoting and improving road safety, I want to work actively with partners to reduce death and serious injuries on our roads. I believe that reducing the maximum speed traffic can travel at on some of our roads, particularly those near schools, can help.

“My Department is committed to introducing measures that reduce the speed of traffic on our roads. We are currently trialling an arrangement of signs that is intended to allow the introduction of more part-time 20mph limits at schools. We are also trialling the effectiveness of ‘signed only’ 20mph limits. These would be more economical, and could be used more widely in appropriate environments, such as residential areas with schools, than would be possible with the current approach of providing 20mph limits along with traffic calming features. I fully intend to see what potential there is from these trials, to build on the work already underway.”