MLA calls for the delivery of Irish language strategy

A local MLA has called for the delivery of an Irish language strategy as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 1:24 pm

Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan said that an Irish language strategy, as well as an Acht Gaeilge, are needed to protect the rights of Irish language speakers.

Karen Mullan said: “There was a commitment to an Irish language strategy and language act in the New Decade, New Approach agreement.

It needs to be delivered now.”

The MLA said it is an issue Sinn Féin has raised repeatedly in the Executive and have “made it clear there is a responsibility to have the legislation in place urgently.”

“Irish speakers should not have to continue to go to the courts to secure their rights,” she said. “The fact that the Council of Europe has called for action has highlighted the fact that the British government is not living up to their legal responsibilities to the Irish language community.”

The MLA added: “The Irish language strategy together with an Acht Gaeilge needs to be delivered as soon as possible.”