'No to War - Oppose Putin's Invasion - Stop NATO expansion' rally called in Derry

The Derry Anti-War Coalition have called a rally in opposition to the war in Ukraine under the banner 'No to War - Oppose Putin's Invasion - Stop NATO expansion'.
Davy McAuleyDavy McAuley
Davy McAuley

It will take place on Saturday at 2pm in the Diamond.

The demonstration was called after troops of the Russian Federation moved into Ukraine on Thursday morning.

Derry Anti War Coalition representative Davy McAuley, in a statement, said: "Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a threat to all of us. We urge people to join us on Saturday to oppose Putin's military invasion.

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"We want to send a message of solidarity to the people of Ukraine and urge Russia to withdraw its troops. War is not the solution and threatens the loss of life and tremendous destruction.

"We also want to send a clear message to the British, US governments, the EU and NATO - that they bear responsibility for this crisis.

"NATO's expansion, supported by Britain, the US and the EU has propelled this conflict. NATO's expansionist policy is a policy of war that is of no benefit to the vast majority of people."

Mr. McAuley claimed the criticism of Vladimir Putin by the 'political establishments in Britain, the US and the EU' rang hollow given events in 'Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen' over recent decades and he stated: "They are in no position to take the moral high ground."

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The DAWC also urged the Dublin government to commit to Irish neutrality.

He claimed: "We need to demand that NATO doesn't escalate the conflict because it will only cause more death and destruction.

"Instead of military action governments should be taking urgent action to end the cost of living crisis that's putting people into poverty across Europe.

"We urge people to join protests in Derry, across Ireland and across the world to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine; to oppose Putin's invasion; and to call for NATO's policy of expansion to end."