£17.2m for apprenticeships will improve employability: MLA

SDLP economy spokesperson Sinead McLaughlin has welcomed the announcement by the economy minister Diane Dodds of £17.2m for apprenticeships.
Sinead McLaughlinSinead McLaughlin
Sinead McLaughlin

She said: “This is a move that I have been calling for over the last few months and it is a very positive step. As I have repeatedly stated, the COVID-19 crisis is placing a serious obstacle to the employment opportunities, in particular, for our young adults.

“If they are unable to gain access to the labour market now, they could stay outside for a very long time.

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“So it is essential that we do everything we can to improve their skills and long term employability.”

She said apprenticeships and upskilling should be a key plank in economic strategy.

“They are also essential to reduce the risks of social division, financial hardship and the further fracturing of our society if we have young people excluded from the prospect of gaining employment,” said the SDLP MLA.

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