State Papers: Al Gore told John Hume he was 'disappointed' in Gerry Adams' visit

Gerry Adams and John Hume.Gerry Adams and John Hume.
Gerry Adams and John Hume.
United States Vice President Al Gore told John Hume the Bill Clinton administration was 'disappointed' in Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams' visit to New York after he was granted a visa waiver to sell the peace process in 1994, newly released State Papers have revealed.

Formerly confidential documents show the British were vehemently opposed to Mr. Adams' visit to New York. However, Mr. Clinton granted the visa after being lobbied by Mr. Hume who had argued that it would allow the Sinn Féin leader to advocate for peace in the US.

According to the papers, after the visit had taken place in February 1994, Vice president Al Gore told John Hume of "a sense of let down that Adams had not responded in a way which might have been more helpful to the administration during his visit".

Two months after Mr. Adams' visit to New York the IRA declared a 'cessation of hostilities' followed by the first ceasefire in August 1994.