Teen Derry City fans made ‘vile’ chants about British queen claims Darren Guy

Ulster Unionist, Alderman Darren Guy, has claimed 'vile and abhorrent' chants were made by a section of Derry City FC fans at a recent home game in the Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium.

Alderman Guy said there were chants of “Lizzie’s in a box” in reference to the death of the late British Queen Elizabeth II.

He said: “It seems those fans who were taking part in antagonistic chanting, were a group of teenagers who have been ill informed by their elders on how respect should be shown to any dead person, whether they agreed or not with that person’s past or politics.”

The UUP Alderman shared video footage of a section of the Brandywell crowd in which the chant, from a small section, is clearly audible.

Darren Guy


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“This recent incident comes on the back of those who drove in a cavalcade of vehicles through the city centre, only a few hours after the death of the Queen had been announced, blowing horns and shouting sectarian abuse as they drove through various loyalist estates to simply seek a reaction from the residents within, whilst raising sectarian tensions between communities. Such actions should be condemned by all political parties.”