‘The Killing Floor’ to be screened as part of ‘Year of Black Workers’

UNISON are offering a free screening of ‘The Killing Floor’ as part of the union’s ‘Year of Black Workers’.
The Killing Floor will be screened on Monday.The Killing Floor will be screened on Monday.
The Killing Floor will be screened on Monday.

The event will take place at The Playhouse on Monday, April 24 at 7pm with a 30 minute free wine reception before the screening.

The film details the journey of two black farmers who leave Mississippi for Chicago for work, and the challenges they face, including racism.

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This fits into the theme of celebrating black workers which has been at the forefront of UNISON’s activities for 2023.

With UNISON having over 185,000 black members, the goal is to lead a legacy campaign aiming for change in the following areas:

1. The ethnicity pay gap, which shows the difference in the average pay between staff from ethnic minority backgrounds in a workforce, compared to ‘white’ staff;

2. Implementing the NHS and social care workplace race equality standards;

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3. Ending the hostile environment for migrants, including removing the international health surcharge;

4. Implementing UNISON’s race discrimination protocol.

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