TUV Councillor lodges complaint after posters destroyed

A TUV Councillor has lodged a complaint with the PSNI after stating that his election posters were stolen and destroyed.

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 2:02 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th April 2019, 2:22 pm
TUV Colr. Boyd Douglas. (1005PG42)

Causeway Coast and Glens Councillor Boyd Douglas claimed the removal of his posters in different areas constituted “an attack on the democratic process”.

Colr. Douglas, who represents the Benbradagh area near Dungiven, said: “I have made a complaint to the PSNI following the theft and destruction of my posters in several places across the Benbradagh area. “Some of the posters have been taken while others have been destroyed and just left by the roadside.

“This is not just theft and vandalism but an attack on the democratic process.

“Unionists are a small minority within the District Electoral Area of Benbradagh - I am defending the only Unionist seat in an area represented by three Sinn Fein and one SDLP councillors - and Unionists will regard these incidents as an attack not just on myself and my party but on the Unionist community in the area.”

Colr. Douglas said he had a clear message to those behind the theft and vandalism: “I have represented the Unionists of the area for some 22 years and I am not about to be intimidated now.

“I am sure it will only motivate Unionists to come out in greater numbers on election day.

“I would appeal for anyone with information to come forward to the PSNI”.