The United Kingdom is coming to an end - Eastwood

Foyle MP and SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has told the House of Commons that he believes the United Kingdom is coming to an end.

Friday, 1st January 2021, 1:00 pm

Speaking virtually during a debate about Brexit, Mr Eastwood claimed the British government, in their rush to appease English nationalist sentiment stirred up during the referendum campaign, has consistently ignored the needs, hopes and ambitions of people in the north if Ireland, while the trade deal “diminishes Britain in almost every respect”.

He said: “Devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have rejected the Brexit that this government has negotiated. That creates a very deep fracture on all sides of the union and it is right that people are entering a conversation about what future will best meet their aspirations.

“I believe the union is ending but I don’t say that through thoughtless triumphalism. I understand that our scarred history places a solemn duty on all of us to conduct the coming conversation with patience, generosity and compassion. So I appeal to my fellow nationalists - there is no future worth having that celebrates the murder of our unionist neighbours. And I appeal to our unionist neighbours - look at where the DUP has led you and look at where London has left you. It is my firm conviction that we can build a new society together, based on mutual respect and celebrating all of our rich heritage.

Colum Eastwood MP. (Kelvin Boyes/ PressEye)

“Brexit has been a disaster for these islands. It’s now time that we started discussing a different future.”