What they said about Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Protocol: Boris Johnson - a refresher

Two and a half years ago Boris Johnson hailed his Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the Irish Protocol as a 'good arrangement' for Britain and the north.

On October 19, 2019, in the first Saturday sitting of the British House of Commons in 37 years, he trumpeted his government's statesmanship in striking the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Irish Protocol with the European Union.

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He said: "I believe that this is a good arrangement, reconciling the special circumstances in Northern Ireland with the minimum possible bureaucratic consequences at a few points of arrival in Northern Ireland, and it is precisely to ensure that those arrangements are acceptable to the people of Northern Ireland that we have made consent a fundamental element of this new deal.

Boris Johnson hailing his Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the Protocol in 2019.

"So no arrangements can be imposed on Northern Ireland if they do not work for Northern Ireland. Under this agreement, the people of Northern Ireland will have the right to express or withhold their consent to these provisions by means of a majority vote in their Assembly four years after the end of the transition.

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"If the Assembly chooses to withhold consent, these provisions 'shall cease to apply' after two years, during which the Joint Committee of the UK and EU would propose a new way forward, in concert with Northern Ireland’s institutions," he told MPs.