Poodle ‘adopted’ by family of Border Collies at Dogs Trust Ballymena

Staff at Dogs Trust Ballymena are delighted that a seven-week-old golden Poodle puppy has been adopted by a family of Border Collies and even become best friends with the rehoming centre’s resident cat, Spider.

Mo, known fondly by staff as ‘Wee Mo’ was taken in by the Border Collie family after his young mother was unable to care for him. As a young dog herself she didn’t actually realise she was pregnant and didn’t produce any milk when Mo was born so sadly couldn’t look after him.

Luckily the staff at Ballymena stepped in straight away, slowly introducing him to 18-month-old Maggie, who had just had a litter of her own, and for Maggie, Mo and his new siblings, it was love at first sight.

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Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre Assistant Manager, Sarah Park, is thrilled that Mo has been welcomed into Maggie’s family, she said: “All of us at Dogs Trust Ballymena were very concerned about Wee Mo when he sadly didn’t bond with his mother. At first we took it in turns providing around the clock care by hand rearing him, then when Maggie had her pups a week after Mo was born it became a perfect opportunity to give Mo the loving upbringing he so deserves in his early years.”

“It’s always sad when a mother and her pup don’t bond, sometimes they simply can’t cope and in Mo’s case his mum didn’t realise she was pregnant and didn’t produce any milk so wouldn’t have been physically able to care for him. However, Mo has the luck of the Irish on his side and Maggie has taken to him as though he is one of her own. As Mo is one week older than his adoptive siblings he’s already bossing them around, he’s even got the rehoming centre’s resident cat, Spider cat wrapped around his paw.”

Mo has already found a loving home to call his own as has his brother, six-week-old Marty. His adoptive mother, Maggie and sisters, Maris, Maeve and Marcy are still looking for forever homes. Marcy in particular is looking for a special home as she is deaf, though the Rehoming Centre staff can advise potential owners on the extra care she will need.

If you’re interested in rehoming Maggie, Maris Maeve or Marcy please contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292.

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