Potholes: local drivers urged to seek compensation

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack is encouraging the public to pursue compensation following reported episodes of damage to their vehicles by potholes'

Monday, 22nd January 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd January 2018, 1:32 pm
There have been numerous reports of potholes following the latest spell of winter weather.

Colr. Cusack said any road user will be more than aware of the poor condition of many surfaces in the City and District as a result of ever growing pothole problem

She said: “This issue has been exacerbated in the past few weeks by the poor weather conditions which have caused new damage or increased the size of existing holes.

“While Transport NI are actively trying to deal with the problem, like all Departments they are stretched budget wise. However their financial shortcomings should not mean that road users are out of pocket.

“I have reported a number of these hazards and I’m glad that the public are also doing the same, however many people are unaware that they may be able to claim compensation from the Department for any damage to their vehicle as a result of a defective surface.”

Describing how people who have fallen victim to potholes resulting in damage to their vehicles, Colr. Cusack said: “Any claim will be thoroughly investigated by the Department and they will ultimately have the final decision if compensation is due.

“I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in this position to collate as much evidence as possible with pictures of the cause and of the damage to your car.

“Advice and claim forms can be found on the NIDirect website or you can contact your local office Claims Unit at Orchard House or call 03002007810. Meanwhile, I would encourage people to continue to report as these hazards could cost a life never mind a damaged car.”