PSNI blasts Saoradh's 'trashy propaganda' after fireworks seizure

The PSNI has dismissed Saoradh's account of yesterday's raid on its premises during which over 330 fireworks were seized as 'trashy propaganda'.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 1:55 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 3:00 pm
Not all the fireworks were soaked in water, police have stated.

Police said the party's claims that fireworks confiscated from young people in Creggan over the past month had been dismantled and soaked in water were misleading.

In a post on the force's PSNI Craigavon Facebook page police noted that not all the fireworks seized in yesterday morning's operation had been soaked in water.

Police also questioned why fuses had been removed from the fireworks.

Not all the fireworks were soaked in water, police have stated.

"Having spoken to our lads up the road, what was seized is something which, not surprisingly, Saoradh haven't told their followers about.

"Their story was alleging that a 'dawn raid' happened to 'stop the public availing of the free service we offer.'

"So, what was seized, and what 'free service' has been targeted?

"Over 300 functioning fireworks, plus 100 fuses which had been REMOVED from other fireworks!"

Police said it was totally irresponsible to store over 300 potentially unstable fireworks in a built up area.

The PSNI in Derry also expressed their incredulity at Saoradh's version of events.

In respect of Saoradh's claims of heavy-handedness, the PSNI in Derry stated: "I was sure they were talking about a completely different incident; maybe some mix of the Zombie Apocalypse meets My Little Pony.

"I think most people recognise trashy propaganda when it’s hurled at them."

PSNI in Craigavon further stated: "There were two more chest thumping inaccuracies in their story. They spoke of a 'large scale military invasion'. Maybe they haven't published the video of that yet, because all they have posted thus far is a few explosive experts hanging around a Land Rover in case they were needed to deal with...the explosives!

"They also went on to say a child had been dragged away to an 'interrogation centre'. What they meant is a teenager was arrested for breach of bail."