PSNI warns scammers are targetting vulnerable

Relatives of older people and those who are vulnerable have been made aware of telephone scammers operating locally.

Saturday, 5th August 2017, 1:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:37 am
Bogus cold callers have been targeting local people. (Photo: David Cheskin/PA Wire)

The PSNI in Foyle said there were several scams currently being targeted at unsuspecting local people.

A PSNI spokesperson said there has been “an increase in telephone scams currently happening across the city targeting older or vulnerable people. Victims are being contacted and informed that they are entitled to a large refund of money.

“These scammers are stating that the name of their company is Claims Advisory Group and they are working on behalf of a government office. After a few calls and having gained a rapport with the victim, they ask for the victim’s postcode and they then inform to of their nearest PayPoint. The victim is then instructed to go to this PayPoint and purchase a number of vouchers (e.g. Neosafe, ITunes etc). Once these have been purchased they are advised to ring 01613543756 and quote the voucher numbers. The victim is advised that a cheque will be hand delivered to their address - this does not happen.”

The PSNI have advised people not to disclose any personal details, warning that scammers are piecing together small bits of information which may lead to the identification of vulnerable people. “We would appeal to businesses with PayPoint or similar devices to be alert for older/vulnerable persons who appear to be buying an irregular transaction of vouchers,” the spokesperson said.