'˜Remembering Martin': Special first anniversary tribute in Friday's '˜Derry Journal'

The late Martin McGuinness.The late Martin McGuinness.
The late Martin McGuinness.
To mark the first anniversary of Martin McGuinness' death, this Friday's '˜Derry Journal' will include a special feature commemorating his remarkable life and legacy.

Featuring exclusive interviews and photographs - some of them from the McGuinness family’s private collection - the eight-page pull-out is a fitting tribute to “a man who had the wisdom and courage to pursue reconciliation for his people.”

Among those interviewed for the special feature are Fiachra McGuinness, the late Sinn Fein leader’s eldest son, who talks about the “devastating” impact his father’s death has had on his family. Fiachra also reveals that his father would have been “deeply frustrated” at the DUP’s behaviour in recent weeks and, in particular, its decision to “renege” on an agreement to restore the power-sharing institutions at Stormont.

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Also featured is a specially written article by former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams who hails Martin McGuinness as a “good friend and a great leader” who “never stopped taking risks for peace”.

Other contributors include Derry Presbyterian minister, Rev. David Latimer, who talks about the remarkable friendship he forged with Martin McGuinness over ten years, and Mary Lou McDonald, newly elected President of Sinn Fein, who pays tribute to the Derry republican for “bravely walking the path to peace”.

The eight page tribute is also full of photographs - some of them never seen before - chronicling Martin McGuinness’ incredible journey from the back streets of the Bogside to the hallowed halls of the White House in Washington DC.

What comes across particularly strongly in the feature is Martin McGuinness’ role as a peacemaker. A man who, having once argued that the British presence in Ireland could only be ended by armed struggle, became a passionate believer in compromise with the unionist community.

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Martin McGuinness was a man who took his people from conflict to peace, from violence to democratic means, to resolving differences through ballots not bullets.

A remarkable individual.

Only in Friday’s ‘Derry Journal’.