'˜Saint Sister'making waves in music industry

With adjectives such as '˜striking,' '˜intense' and '˜blissful' used to describe their music, female duo '˜Saint Sister' can be very pleased with the favourable industry reception to their latest offering.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 11:00 am

Derry musician and singer Gemma Doherty (24), is one half of ‘Saint Sister.’

The daughter of Delacroix Inn owners Liam and Jacqueline Doherty, Gemma has partnered with Belfast musician Morgan MacIntyre.

The pair met while studying at Trinity College in Dublin when they had both been singing together with the Trinity Orchestra.

“I had heard that Gemma played the harp and we met up for a coffee and really clicked,” said Morgan.

She adds that the name ‘Saint Sister’ came about partly because Gemma and Morgan have one sister each.

“And we liked the idea of something that suggested the power of the sisterhood.”

Coming from a background where music was always encouraged, Gemma said she was introduced to instruments at a young age.

“It was through my parents that I got the chance to experience music when I was younger. My dad has always played a bit and I’m lucky that I was given the chance to play the harp and piano when I was growing up. When I was a teenager it really took off for me, I was playing more traditional music then and would have done gigs in the pubs along Waterloo Street and also in the Delacroix.”

For Gemma, playing live is a passion and one she’ll get to indulge this summer as the band takes to the stage at a string of festivals across Ireland and the UK.

“That’s one of my favourite parts of the whole thing,” added the former Lumen Christi College pupil.

“Every gig is different and you never know what will happen from one gig to the next.”

While the band have yet to play Derry, Gemma says it’s firmly on the ‘to do’ list.

“It’s always something we keep on talking about but we’ve been so busy with Dublin gigs. We do intend to get to Derry soon though so we’d ask people to watch this space!”

The North West, however, has been been a focus for the band in other ways, as Gemma explains:

“Our first music video ‘Blood Moon’ was shot in Donegal, directed and and produced by Myrid Carten and Aphra Lee Hill.

“It stars Meabh Parr and Emma White, who are both from Derry and are students at Lumen Christi. Our most recent video, for our single Madrid was shot by Bob Gallagher starring Orla MacIntyre, who is Morgan’s sister. It was also largely shot in the hills of Donegal.”

The band’s debut EP, ‘Madrid’ is currently available on Bandcamp and iTunes at


For festival dates, visit www.saintsisterband.com