Seal pup beguiles Derry visitors to Kinnagoe Bay

Derry visitors to one of Inishowen's most scenic spots were treated to rare natural sight on Sunday evening when a seal pup came ashore at Kinnagoe Bay.

Monday, 23rd May 2016, 1:36 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd May 2016, 2:41 pm
The young seal was named 'Kinnagoe' by the Derry visitors.

Deborah Lamberton who supplied the pictures and video which can be viewed at took a trip to the famed beauty spot and were amazed to see this little seal pup come ashore.

The pup was apparently completely unfazed by the human presence on the beach and was completely happy to let the visitors film and take photographs on their phones.

Deborah told the ‘Journal’: “As much as I love being near the ocean I’ve always had a fear of it due to tragic circumstances a few years ago. I was walking along saying a few prayers as I always do, when in the distance a seal pup popped its head up.

The young seal was named 'Kinnagoe' by the Derry visitors.

“I thought it’s too far away and I walked on.

I was excited but I thought I’ll not get a picture but out of the water came this wee thing and just kept coming towards me.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me or anyone else that I know.

“It’s a wild animal and I always thought seals were timid creatures, but he wasn’t afraid and he didn’t seem distressed at all.

“So, I got closer to it and it came closer to me and I must have stayed with ot for over an hour.

“I’m not the most holy person, but I walked away from that beach with the thought that if that little seal showed no fear out of its habitat then I should have no fear of the ocean either.

“That little seal proved that to me and it’s always going to stick in my memory of that night.”

The seal pup was given the nickname ‘Kinnagoe’ by Deborah in honour of it’s time ashore at Inishowen.

The young seal was named 'Kinnagoe' by the Derry visitors.