Seriously - it's 40 years since McEnroe's Wimbledon debut

John McEnroeJohn McEnroe
John McEnroe
John McEnroe made his Wimbledon debut 40 years ago this summer and remains one of the game's most popular players.

Here, we take a look at some of the American’s most memorable quotes.

“You cannot be serious” – McEnroe’s famous jibe at Wimbledon in 1981 after umpire Edward James had called his serve out.

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“A scream that came straight from Queens but that has travelled very far in the years since” – McEnroe’s assessment of how his most repeated yell “You cannot be serious” gained worldwide notoriety.

“Do you have any problems, other than that you’re unemployed, a moron, and a dork?” – McEnroe’s riposte to an unimpressed spectator.

“That’s one of the best sets I’ve seen him play, although I should preface that by saying I haven’t seen him play before” - McEnroe on player Tomas Zib during commentary.

“You’ll be sorry you hit me, you f***ing communist a**hole” – McEnroe’s reaction to being hit by a ball against Czech player Tomas Smid in 1983.

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“I want to be remembered as a great player, but I guess it will be as a player who got angry on a tennis court” – McEnroe’s acceptance his personality might be recalled more readily than his seven grand slam titles.

“Maybe I should have played two more Australians and two less Davis Cups? I could have had more majors and still have three Davis Cups when most people don’t have one” – McEnroe on how he could have won more.

“When I was eight-and-a-half, my parents moved to a part of Queens where there was a club nearby. We joined, and if you believe in someone up above, I think I was meant to play tennis” – McEnroe on how he got into tennis in New York.

“No other athlete in any sport has ever had to go through what I have to” – McEnroe lamenting in 1986 the extra attention he received.

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“When I walk out there on court, I become a maniac...something comes over me, man” – McEnroe on what drove his on-court antics.

“My greatest strength is that I have no weaknesses” – a young McEnroe explaining the secret to his success.