Shocking image of car overturned on Derry roundabout the result of drink driving

An overturned car on Caw roundabout.
An overturned car on Caw roundabout.

A shocking image of an overturned car with headlights full beam in the middle of a busy Derry roundabout has been released by police at Strand Road.

Police said the wreck on the Caw roundabout in the Waterside was the consequence of an accident caused by drink-driving over the Christmas period.

Unbelievably, no-one was seriously hurt in the incident.

However, the PSNI branded the irresponsibility of the drinking and driving that caused the collision as 'disgraceful'.

"You might have seen this car parked upside down in the middle of the Caw roundabout. Thankfully no one was hurt but this another bad collision due to drink driving in the city in less than a week. It's shocking and an absolute disgrace," said the PSNI.

The force said it hoped releasing the image would encourage people to report suspected drink-driving.

"If you suspect someone is driving under the influence of drink or drugs and aren't sure about calling police, just remember this image. It could have been much worse," police stated.