Special walk among the bluebells at Prehen Woods

Prehen Wood (photo courtesy of Christine Cassidy, Prehen)Prehen Wood (photo courtesy of Christine Cassidy, Prehen)
Prehen Wood (photo courtesy of Christine Cassidy, Prehen)
A woodland walk through the historic Prehen Woods will take place on Sunday, April 30 and everyone is invited to come along.

The walk has been organised by the Prehen Historical and Environmental Society and will get under way at 2.30pm.

Those participating will be able to take in the beauty of the bluebells which carpet the forest floor and are in full bloom as they wander through the ancient woodland on the outskirts of the city.

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They will also be able to find out about the wide variety of plant life and wildlife within the Prehen Woods habitat.

The colourful history of the woodland will also be revealed to those taking part.

The Woodland Walk will be led by local wildlife expert Christine Cassidy and George Mc Laughlin and Damian Martin from Prehen Historical and Environmental Society.

The meeting point will be at the top of Sandringham Drive, Prehen Park at 2.30pm.

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Those taking part are advised to make sure they have suitable footwear on the day of the event.

This year, people are being encouraged to bring along their mobile phones so they can join in the fun with Blue and Belle by following the Nature Detectives Family Trail.

Those taking part can follow the woodland fairies Blue and Belle on an adventure to save the precious bluebell woods from Big Old Foot, the clumsy giant.

You can download the Family Trail app and watch Blue and Belle come to life at the Woodland Trust website via www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/things-to-do/walking/family-trail/.

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Prehen Woods is renowned as a rare ancient woodland which has a magical, timeless element to it.

Prehen Woods is home to a native red squirrel population, and is also populated by sparrowhawks and long-eared owls among other animals.

The Woodland Trust has named Prehen Woods among its top ten bluebell woods.

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