Spikes in Derry and Donegal air pollution during colder weather

Air pollution spikes.Air pollution spikes.
Air pollution spikes.
Air pollution in Derry and Donegal spiked to unacceptable levels during the cold spell in the North West last week, figures have revealed.

An air quality monitoring station in Rosemount recorded fine particulate matter (PM2,5) peaking at 115 microgrammes per cubic metre last Sunday evening, December 15.

These pollutants are responsible for significant negative impacts on human health, according to the European Union's air quality directives, which has not identified a threshold below which PM2,5 would not pose a risk.

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Human sources of PM2.5's include car exhausts, non-smokeless fuels and industrial emissions.

Meanwhile, a monitoring station in Letterkenny recorded the highest levels of larger PM10 particulates in the entire country on Tuesday evening.

These climbed to over 580 microgrammes per metre cubed, which rose to levels higher than those recorded in New Dehli last week.

The particulate matter, PM10 daily limit of 50 microgrammes per metre cubed is deemed breached if more than 35 exceedances occur in a calendar year.

The particulate matter, PM2.5 annual limit value is 25 microgrammes per metre cubed. There is no hourly or daily limit value for PM2.5.