Stardust struggle likened to Bloody Sunday campaign

The struggle for justice of the families of the 48 victims of the Stardust fire disaster in Artane has been likened to the Bloody Sunday campaign.

Saturday, 23rd December 2017, 6:00 pm

Independent T.D. Tommy Broughan made the comparison after it was ruled a lack of new evidence disqualified a fresh probe into the 1981 St. Valentine’s Day tragedy.

“It is reminiscent, as others have said, of the tragedies of Bloody Sunday 1972 and of Hillsborough in 1989,” said Deputy Broughan.

“Both of those awful tragedies had earlier inquiries - Widgery in the case of Derry, the Hillsborough inquests and also tribunals - which made totally unjust and unsatisfactory findings for the people of Derry and the people of Liverpool. “However, following tremendously focused and valiant campaigns by relatives and survivors of those disasters, which were reminiscent of the campaign of our constituents who are in the Gallery, the Derry and Liverpool...eventually did get justice and closure,” he said.