'˜There's no place for reckless behaviour' - PSNI

Police have warned that there is no place for reckless behaviour after a chase involving a vehicle which they said failed to stop in Derry.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 8:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 10:45 am
The PSNI helicopter was deployed during the episode.

The PSNI said that the same vehicle had been seen “driving dangerously around the city”, before being abandoned and the occupants running off.

“With help from our helicopter, officers from Foyleside and The Moor Neighbourhood Policing Team and LPT were able to locate and arrest two people for a number of driving offences,” a PSNI spokesman said, adding: “There is no place for this kind of reckless behaviour.”

Sinn Fein Councillor Tony Hassan welcomed the development, stating: “I welcome the use of helicopter in efforts to stop car crime in the city.

“The move by the PSNI against car crime is to be welcomed. It’s an issue Sinn Féin has been highlighting for some time and will remain high on our agenda in the times ahead.”

On a separate matter, the PSNI has confirmed officers from Foyleside and The Moor Neighbourhood Team and the Driver Vehicle Agency tested a number of modified cars during a Road Safety Operation on Saturday.

The cars were examined at the DVA test centre to check that they were safe and road worthy, following concerns locally. A PSNI spokesman said: “If you are going to carry out modifications to your vehicle please make sure that they are legal. Some modifications may look cool, but a £200 fine for a lowered suspension is not.”