Top 5 tips for Black Friday success

Shoppers grab bargain TV's on offer on Black FridayShoppers grab bargain TV's on offer on Black Friday
Shoppers grab bargain TV's on offer on Black Friday

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Gone are the days when you had to queue outside shops on Boxing Day and fight your way through the crowds to get the best of the year’s bargains.

Now you can sit on your couch with a cuppa in hand and surf your way to savings - but with all-year round sales and offers it’s often tricky to know what’s a genuine bargain.

This year Black Friday – the sales event which topped out last year with an £810 million UK spend – is expected to be bigger than ever.

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Here’s our guide to finding the best deals in the UK, without having to battle it out in store.

1. Get ready to rip up your wish list

Don’t be too rigid on what you want to buy – an open mind will mean you’re much more receptive to a daily deal rather than holding out for a specific model or colour to be discounted.

2. Create a set of your favourite links to check

Bookmark all the major outlets like Amazon, Argos, Currys and John Lewis

3. If it’s looks too good to be true, it probably is

Remember, anyone can offer a brilliant deal, but do they have the stock to honour it? Be sure to check delivery details and availability before committing to buying.

4. If you snooze you lose

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If you’re not quick you could lose some of the very best bargains, as the big retailers only offer these for a few hours at a time. They’re worth it though, as the savings can be over 50 per cent, so refresh, refresh, refresh! Check the sites at breakfast, on your coffee break, at lunch, dinner time and before you head for bed.

5. Caveat emptor

By all means add your bargain buy to your shopping basket, but then take a moment to do some research before committing - browse other sites to check the price really is as good as it looks. And remember on sites like Amazon there is sometimes a minimum spend to get free postage, so be sure to top up your basket until it qualifies - items don’t have to be in the daily deal to be added.