Trial trench works along Buncrana Road as design works progressed

The busy Buncrana Road.
The busy Buncrana Road.

Trial trenches are currently being dug along the Buncrana Road to map out drains and other pipes as work continues to design the new A2 road scheme.

Road users have been advised of potential delays from dusk to dawn this week and over the coming week as engineers continue the exploratory works from Pennyburn to the border at Bridgend.

Preparatory work is understood to be well advanced for the dualling of the entire 4kms road, with the plans to include new roundabouts at the Buncrana Road junctions with Elagh Business Park, Springtown Road and Racecourse Road with revamped roundabouts at Skeoge Link, Templegrove and Pennyburn junctions.

Commenting on the current works programme, a spokesperson for the Department for Infrastructure said:“Following comments and feedback received during the public information day held in May 2018, the Department has been carrying out further design and development work on the A2 Buncrana Road improvement scheme.

“The Department’s contractor is currently undertaking trial trench works to identify and record all the utilities, services and drainage along A2 Buncrana Road.

“This record of the existing underground apparatus will assist the development of scheme design and the construction work requirements.”

She added: “A further public information day is proposed in the Spring, details of which have yet to be finalised.”

Lane closures are possible along the route from 6 pm to 6 am up until next Friday, February 22.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ during a previous public consultation event in Derry, David McKinley, Project Sponsor with the Department for Infrastructure, said it was hoped that journeys which are currently taking motorists up to 20 minutes from Bridgend and Pennyburn Roundabout, will take five to six minutes once the works are completed.

He also confirmed the project is expected to cost in the region of £50m to £60m to bring to completion.

Amended proposals unveiled last year showed that less land would be needed than was previously thought, and vesting of properties was reduced from around 19 to 11.

The proposals also take into account the planned social housing along the route at the H1 and H2 sites, as well as the plans for the former Arntz Belting Company site.

Traffic surveys last year revealed that there are 24,000 vehicles a day passing through the Branch area of the road.