Coronavirus: James McClean donates essential supplies to most vulnerable amid COVID-19 fears

James McCleanJames McClean
James McClean
James McClean has made a donation towards supplies for people who have been unable to source essential items amid the ongoing coronavirus bulk-buying frenzy.

The Derry footballer said he wanted to help elderly people, families with young children, and people under economic pressure, struggling as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.

"We've made a donation towards nappies, medicines, toilet roll, baby supplies, cleaning products etc which will be made into hampers and given out at the 'Corned Beef Tin' over the next few days when the full stock is brought in," he revealed on Wednesday.

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He said it had been difficult to source large quantities of items but the charity drive was being facilitated by a few runs to local wholesalers.

The Stoke City and Republic of Ireland winger suggested family members could pick up some of the hampers on behalf of elderly residents.

He said: "It's a small gesture but one that I hope can go along way in helping

"Massive thanks to my brother Brian, Danny and Rachel Lafferty for volunteering their time and effort today and tomorrow to go and get the supplies and also a huge thanks to Tony O’Doherty, at the drop of a hat, opening up the 'Corned Beef Tin' for us to use the facility to store and distribute, and last but not least, Daniel McLaughlin, for supplying his van.

"Hopefully this virus is gone soon and people can get on with their lives as normal but for now I hope everyone stays safe and well."