Republicans to hold demo in support of Cuban revolution at Free Derry Corner

Republicans in Derry are to hold a vigil at Free Derry Corner this evening in solidarity with the Cuban revolution.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 3:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 3:52 pm
Sinn Féin activist Mickey Kinsella raising the Cuban flag at Free Derry Corner to mark the death of Fidel Castro in 2016.

Sinn Féin are organising the event which will take place at 7.30 p.m.

People are being asked to observe social distancing rules at the Bogside landmark.

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney speaking on Tuesday, called for the United States to lift the economic blockade of its smaller Caribbean neighbour.

“Since the onset of COVID-19 our global society has been faced with many challenges.

“During this dark period the Cuban people have outstretched the hand of international friendship, support and solidarity through the work of the heroic 'Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade'; and this whilst still enduring the effects of the pandemic in Cuba; as well as continued imposition of the US blockade.

“Over the past 24 hours, online videos and literature have appeared calling for governmental change in Cuba, with protesters apparently demonstrating under the slogan of 'Libertad'.

“Sinn Féin firmly believes that the liberty of the Cuban people and sustainable economic growth on the island needs to be secured by lifting the US sanctioned economic blockade of Cuba, which has repressed Cuba’s economy and society for over 60 years," he said.

Mr. Kearney said the continuing blockade of the country was damaging and unjustified.

“It is remarkable that despite continued use of these unjustified economic and political sanctions, the spirit of the Cuban people and the revolutionary Cuban Government remains resilient.

Video: 'Che' Guevara's daughter tells Derry audience Obama more dangerous than Trump because he's intelligent“President Biden’s administration should politically engage with the Cuban government and follow the lead of President Obama by renormalising diplomatic and economic relations between the US and Cuba.

“The Cuban people have stood with the international community throughout our global health emergency; we should now reassert the primacy of international law and stand in solidarity with Cuba," he said.