VIDEO: Local blogger makes beautiful film about Derry

A local blogger has made a wonderful short film about Derry.

Simon Dobbins shares his experiences of parenting children and on life in general at

A still taken from Simon Dobbins' film about Derry.

A still taken from Simon Dobbins' film about Derry.

Simon recently made a short film to document the natural beauty of Derry and shared it on his Facebook page.

The video features breathtaking aerial shots of Derry and Simon makes an appearance about half way through.

“Sorry it has been a while since I uploaded anything,” said Simon on his Facebook page.

“Here is a little film of our city, Derry. I think our city is class and I am proud to call it home. Go easy on me I am still new to the film game.”

The video has been watched almost 2,000 times and has gone down well with locals.

“This is a brilliant and thought provoking film,” said one man.

“I think this video is excellent. Not only does it capture the true beauty of Derry but it documents the sadness that is present in the city,” said a woman.

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