Video: Violent republicans actively preparing for Brexit warns border T.D.

A border T.D. has warned violent republicans are actively preparing for Brexit and that senior gardaí have told him they will be unable to police any newly hardened frontier if that were to arise.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 10:43 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 11:44 am
Violent republicans preparing for Brexit.

Fianna Fáil T.D. for Louth, Declan Breathnach, who is based in Dundalk, said people who dismissed this as 'scare-mongering' were naive.

"We all know that any vacuum creates a volatility and uncertainty in the Border region in trade and commerce and in our communities. Although some people describe it as scare-mongering we should be under no illusions. There is a possibility of a return to the bad old days. The extreme paramilitaries are watching closely and hoping for Brexit," he said.

"I have had discussions with senior members of An Garda Síochána, as has the Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Flanagan. The Garda's intelligence shows that it is unprepared. It does not have the ability to man what I would describe as a sieve in the Border region," warned Deputy Breathnach during a recent discussion of the ongoing Brexit negotiations in the Dáil.

Violent republicans preparing for Brexit.