War Memorial revival to cost Council £250k

The War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry. DERR3715GS099The War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry. DERR3715GS099
The War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry. DERR3715GS099
Derry City and Strabane District Council plan to spend £250,000 on the restoration of the war memorial in the Diamond.

The proposal was set-out at a meeting of the Environment and Regeneration Committee in the Guildhall on Wednesday afternoon.

Independent Councillor, Gary Donnelly, described the War Memorial as a “monstrosity” and implored the committee to consider investing the £250,000 in young people instead.

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Colr. Donnelly’s comments were described as “rubbish” by DUP Alderman Graham Warke who said it was only natural that people would want to honour the memory of those who “sacrificed their lives” during the First and Second World Wars.

Regeneration Manager, Mr. Tony Monaghan told committee members that the estimated cost of the restoration work to the Derry wary memorial would be approximately £250,000.

Mr. Monaghan said applications had been made to the Department for Social Development and the War Memorials Trust to assist the Council with the funding of the restoration project.

According to Mr. Monaghan the D.S.D. said it might be in a position to support the project to the value of £75k.

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A formal pre-application has been submitted to the W.M.T. who normally only provide funding to the value of £30k however Mr. Monaghan pointed out that, depending on their discretion, the W.M.T. might consider providing a higher value of funding.

Potential funding amounts to £97,500 which inevitably results in a shortfall of £150k which would have to paid by the local Council.

Sinn Fein Councillor, Christopher Jackson, described the cost of the restoration project as “staggering”.

The proposal was accepted by the committee.