Water woes resolved after four days

NIE have apologised to a Limavady family who were left without water for several days after a contractor working on behalf of NIW Networks 'unknowingly caused damage to a water pipe'.

Friday, 11th March 2016, 3:00 pm
Marcie Kealey with supplies provided from NI Water.

Marcie Kealey, who lives on Ballyquin Road, said the family discovered on Friday they had no water.

“One day we had water. Then the road outside the house gets dug up . Then we have no water,” said Marcie.

While NI Water supplied the family with bottled water, Mrs Kealey said they had to rely on others for washing. She said her husband also had to take time off work in an attempt to deal with the situation.

“It has been horrendous, a nightmare. The kids had to go elsewhere to get showers and we were relying on others to get washed,” she said.

Mrs Kealey said she had been in contact with NI Water and NIE several times trying to establish who was responsible for the disruption to supply, which she said was “frustrating”.

Late on Tuesday, the Kealey’s water supply was restored.

A spokesperson for NIE Networks said: “On Thursday 3rd March a contractor, working on behalf of NIE Networks, was laying cables along the Ballyquin Road, Limavady, to connect a new generation project in the area. During excavation works the contractor unknowingly caused damage to a water pipe. The contractor was unaware of any damage to the water network at the time and Northern Ireland Water has since rectified the damage. We would like to apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused.”

DUP Alderman Alan Robinson, who helped the family said: “It was disappointing that it was into the fourth day before Mrs Kealey was reconnected to the water supply having made several calls to various agencies.

“Only when I had intervened was the matter resolved.

“I can absolutely understand Mrs Kealey’s frustration having had to pursue countless obstacles when pursuing many similar cases especially when there are several agencies involved. I am pleased that Mrs Kealey now has a water supply.”

NI Water supplied the Kealey family with bottled water for the days they were without supply.

“This disruption occurred while work was being carried out in the area by a contractor for another utility,” said a spokesperson for NI Water. NI Water is grateful to the customer affected for their patience during this time.”