We bombed Derry Courthouse - ‘IRA’

The ‘IRA’ last night claimed responsibility for the bomb attack on Derry’s courthouse last week.

In a statement provided to the ‘Journal,’ the group calling itself the ‘IRA’ said it was responsible for placing the car bomb which detonated shortly after 8:10 pm in Bishop Street on January 19.

The bomb was described by police as a ‘lethal device’ which caused widespread disruption in Derry city centre and minor damage was caused to bollards outside the courthouse and to windows in the nearby Masonic Hall.

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A number of young people walked past the bomb minutes before it exploded and police said it was ‘sheer luck no one was killed or maimed.’

Bishop's Street, Londonderry

The bomb was widely condemned by political and community representatives who described it as ‘reckless.’

In the days following the bomb, there were a number of other incidents in the city and services were withdrawn in some areas by Royal Mail and the Housing Executive, among others.

The ‘IRA’ said it will ‘continue to strike at crown forces and personnel and their imperial establishment.’

The statement went on to claim: “We also caution those who collaborate with the British that they are to desist immediately as no more warnings will be given.”

They confirmed that Brexit is not a factor in their actions and they plan to continue their campaign.

“All this talk of Brexit, hard borders, soft borders, has no bearing on our actions and the IRA won’t be going anywhere.

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“Our fight goes on,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, police staged a reconstruction one week on from the bombing and issued a fresh appeal for information.