Western Trust promotes Obesity Prevention Campaign '“ '˜What's in 100' Calories'

The Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) Health improvement Department have been promoting the Obesity prevention Campaign.

Saturday, 14th January 2017, 9:08 am
Updated Saturday, 14th January 2017, 10:17 am

The Campaign aims to encourage people to choose to eat healthier food and to become more active. The theme of the campaign was ‘What’s in 100’ calories.

The Obesity Campaign ran from the 9 to 13 January 2017. The Community Food and Nutrition Team have worked in partnership with the Public Health Agency and Community Partners to promote the Obesity prevention campaign throughout the Western Trust area.

Zoe Fletcher, Health Improvement Dietitian, Western Trust Community Food and Nutrition Team explains: “ It’s easy to put on unwanted weight. If you eat an extra 100 Calories each day more than your body needs, by the end of a year you’ll have put on an extra 10lbs in weight. All these extras add up to putting on weight. The extra weight means your body will need to work harder just to carry that weight around – your heart needs to work harder, and you’re more likely to get breathless. An extra 10lbs is like carrying around 10 big blocks of butter as you go about your everyday life!”

For more information please contact the Community Food and Nutrition Team on 028 7188 0221.