Willie Hay says British fishing vessels should get priority access to 'British fishing waters'

Willie Hay says British fishing vessels should be given priority access to 'British fishing waters.'

Monday, 21st June 2021, 9:47 am

The DUP peer made the call during a debate on the sustainability of the fishing industry in the British House of Lord.

"As we have now left the European Union, we all want to build the foundations for a strong and prosperous fishing industry, and this can be done only with the appropriate investment to sustain the industry right across the United Kingdom.

"Does the Minister agree that central funding will be required over the next number of years to sustain the industry long into the future, and can he confirm that, as a starting point, British fishing vessels will be given priority access to British fishing waters?" he asked.

Willie Hay
Willie Hay

Zac Goldsmith, Minister of State for the Environment, responded: "British fishing vessels will of course have greatly improved access to British waters."

He said the Conservative government has delivered on its manifesto commitment to maintain fisheries funding by allocating £32.7 million to support the seafood sector.

"This is equivalent to the average annual amount delivered through the European maritime and fisheries fund, so our support base is not only maintained but continues to grow," he remarked.