Young Derry loyalists reveal uncertainty over Brexit

Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KMJeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM
Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM

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Youth worker Jeanette Warke says many young loyalists believe their parents and siblings might have voted differently in the Brexit referendum had they been better informed.

Mrs Warke said the revelation came out of an ongoing cross-community programme involving teenagers from the Fountain and Pennyburn.

The young people revealed uncertainty over Brexit during a workshop with Conor Houston, of ‘EU Debate NI,’ on Tuesday.

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“They were uncertain about what Brexit stood for. Their parents, when they were voting, weren’t particularly clear as to what the effect would be,” said Mrs Warke.

“Now, after listening to Connor last night, they feel that if their parents had known more they might have voted a different way.

“The families don’t understand it. Their parents would have voted differently. Young people said they might have voted differently if they had have known the implications.”

The next step for the young people will be what’s described as, ‘Taking Our Campaign to Westminster,’ with a visit to London planned for next March.

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It follows on from the successful, ‘Taking Our Campaign to Stormont,’ event, during which young people met and grilled politicians.

“Young people feel totally left out. They are worried about the future. They don’t want to leave Northern Ireland.

“They don’t want to go away to work. People who live in this area don’t even want to leave the Fountain area. They want to stay in their own community. It’s exactly the same for young Catholics. Why should they go away?”

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