Gogglebox star Rylan Clark finds a snake in his house - and fans think his reaction is hilarious

The celebrity Gogglebox, X Factor and Celebrity Sweep star encountered the snake on Sunday evening

Rylan Clark left his fans in hysterics on the night of 14 August as he found an intruder in his house - a snake.

Taking to Instagram, Clark said: “There is a f*****g snake in my house. What do you do? What do you do?

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“Can someone please tell me what do you do because this is why you shouldn’t live alone. I don’t know what to do. There is a snake in my house, I repeat, there is a snake in my house and I think I’m gonna die.”

Rylan Clark during the Celebrity Big Brother final 2018 (Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

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    The Gogglebox star then took to Twitter to share an update with his 1.7 million followers, where he uploaded an 11 second clip with the caption ‘Not today Satan kill me now’.

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    On the video with Rylan clearly in distress he says: “I tried to touch it and now it’s moving, it’s moving!”

    Some of the video was spent talking to the approximately one-metre snake saying: “Go the other way!”

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    He ended the short clip with: “Oh my god what is this!”

    It’s possible that it was just your run of the mill grass snake, which is the most common in the UK and one that bears a striking resemblance to the one in the video uploaded by the TV personality.

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    They were first identified in the UK back in 2017 as ‘Natrix Helvetica’, and are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act which makes it illegal to kill or injure them.

    One fan on Twitter said: “What the hell!! Is that a pet snake in the UK? I bloody hope it’s someone’s pet that’s escaped or I’m moving!”

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    Another fan on twitter saw the funny side, simply saying: “Nah sorry Rylan I’m howling.”

    Another regular face on TV commented on Rylan’s Instagram post with Fearne Cotton saying: “I had a mouse in the conservatory yesterday and thought that was bad.”

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    A mark on the snake’s neck gave the slight impression it has a piece of clothing on, with a fan saying: “He has a dickie bow on so he’s [definitely] there for some sort of formal event!”

    Max Balegde, who boasts almost two million followers on TikTok said: “Biggest nightmare ever, didn’t know in the UK. Gonna cry.”