M&S has launched a new festive doughnut called Santa’s Yumnuts - here’s how people reacted

The internet has been thrown by the news of a new festive doughnut being launched by popular British chain M&S.

Who wants a bite of Santa’s Yumnut™? Our yum yum-doughnut hybrids have been given a Christmassy makeover, with delicious flaky pastry layers and a sweet Santa’s belt topping. Find them in our in store bakery. pic.twitter.com/BcWwxOo26r

— M&S (@marksandspencer) November 5, 2020

Announcing the news on Twitter, M&S confirmed it will be rolling out a new doughnut called “Santa’s Yumnut” for the festive season, which, understandably, the internet found hilarious.

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    The doughnut is described as having “delicious flaky pastry layers and sweet Santa’s belt topping”.

    The oddly named doughnuts are available to purchase from the bakery section of M&S stores, and were launched on 4 November.

    How did people react?

    The new festive treat has already gained a lot of interest on social media, with users quickly poking fun at the name.


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    Here are some of the best reactions to the tasty treat:

    Please, I beg you, whenever you want to name something just show it to a 14 year old first. If they start laughing, change the name

    — Chris (@SerPounce_a_Lot) November 5, 2020

    If anybody needs help popping their eyes back in after reading this, give us a shout.


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    — Specsavers (@Specsavers) November 5, 2020

    We love nuts but we're quite happy to pass on Santa’s Yumnut. Thanks for the offer though

    — SNICKERS UK (@SNICKERSUK) November 5, 2020

    A bite of Santas what?? pic.twitter.com/TH8sLxoiCw


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    — Shaquille_Sunflower🌻 (@ftank58) November 5, 2020

    We suggest dunking them in a cuppa! 😉☕️🎅 #ChristmasCuppas #CuppasTogether

    — PG tips (@PGtips) November 5, 2020

    Go home M&S you're drunk


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    — Comedy Central UK (@ComedyCentralUK) November 5, 2020

    whoever pitched this name @ the marketing meeting was trying to get fired

    — Fallout (@falloutplays) November 6, 2020

    Well... even we have broken out in a sweat reading this 🥵good thing he only comes once a year


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    — Lynx (@lynx) November 5, 2020

    THAT was the best name you could come up with? I’m pretty sure you don’t need to worry about the TM either, I don’t see anyone else wanting to use that 😳

    — Trouble 🐈 (@LadySayFuckALot) November 5, 2020

    I feel strongly that the name of this donut must be reconsidered https://t.co/LPVAyn2ZUJ


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    — rabia O'chaudry (@rabiasquared) November 5, 2020

    As someone who's worked with trademarks before, I know that about 7,000 people saw and approved the phrase "Santa's Yumnut™" before this post went live. https://t.co/6xKUiF8lkV

    — The Wisconsin Recount Decider (@justinpie) November 5, 2020


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    — Lil Frosty☃️ (@dechant8) November 5, 2020

    this is why other countries bully England https://t.co/3jCILYlZQw

    — Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) November 5, 2020

    Meanwhile, one of UK's largest retailers has decided that a winning seasonal slogan is "Who wants a bite of Santa's Yumnut?" https://t.co/nFQvOyZyTz


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    — Doug Saunders (@DougSaunders) November 5, 2020

    i cannot even verbally explain how much I do NOT want a bite of Santa's Yumnut™️ https://t.co/jcDMtdpasp

    — cal-sgiving 🦃 (@clavin___) November 5, 2020