Temperature checks and socially-distanced beaches - here's what post-coronavirus holidays could look like

Social distancing measures will likely be in place on popular beaches (Photo: Shutterstock)Social distancing measures will likely be in place on popular beaches (Photo: Shutterstock)
Social distancing measures will likely be in place on popular beaches (Photo: Shutterstock)

As popular holiday spots around the world begin to reopen, health authorities are drawing up plans to keep tourists and locals safe.

For several months now, closed borders, grounded flights and travel restrictions have brought the tourism industry to a halt. As infection rates ease around the world, however, popular holiday spots like Portugal and Italy are tentatively reopening.

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Holidaymakers can expect to face certain new rules and restrictions while abroad in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

Currently, the UK has a mandatory 14 day quarantine period for travellers coming into the country, but it is unclear whether this policy may be dropped or relaxed in the near future as the tourism sector gets moving once again.

Temperature and coronavirus checks

Many airports around the world will now be operating temperature checks to make sure nobody travelling has a fever. Some airlines may even ask travellers to perform a check at home before coming to the airport.

You may be prevented from travelling if you present with a high temperature.

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Cyprus, meanwhile, is taking an even stricter step of asking tourists to take a Covid-19 test prior to their arrival.

Face coverings

Most airlines have made face coverings mandatory while on a plane.

Different countries will have different rules on face coverings. At the Sistine Chapel in Italy, for instance, face coverings and temperature checks are mandatory for entry. Some countries require masks on public transport.

Check the rules before you travel, and if in doubt, bring a face mask just in case.

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Limited nightlife

Very few countries around the world have allowed nightlife to return fully, due to a high risk of transmission in clubs and bars.

Portugal's foreign minister Augusto Santos Silva told the BBC that tourists should expect limited nightlife in Portugese resorts this summer, with rules forbidding groups congregating at night.

Bars in most countries around the world are operating with social distancing and hygiene measures in place. In Holland, for instance, new rules allow bars and restaurants to serve up to 30 people indoors if social distancing is in place, but reservations are necessary and no standing at bars will be allowed.

Crowd control

In Portugal, Mr Santos Silva said that crowd control measures would be in place on beaches, with a traffic light system in place to warn tourists if they are too full.

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Some Spanish resorts are taking similar measures to limit the amount of people allowed on beaches. Tourism officials are considering only allowing half the usual number of people onto the sand, with a social distancing system - using roped off squares - ensuring that distance is maintained.

Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava is said to be taking a slightly different approach, by dividing beaches into age segments with different entry points.

Deep cleaning

Travellers to Cyprus may be asked to disinfect their luggage, while reception desks could be placed behind protective screens.

In Portugal, tourists may be prevented from checking in until a full 24 hours after the last guest has left, to allow for deep cleaning and airing of the room.

The country also plans to award 'Clean&Safe' certification to hotels that are abiding by thorough deep cleaning measures, in order to put holidaymakers' minds at ease.