top off-the-grid staycations revealed

By Floriane Laroche
Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 1:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 1:52 pm

As travel restrictions continue to ease, an interactive map featuring some of the UK’s best off-grid retreats has been created to help Brits seeking offline adventures this year.

According to a new study, Brits spent over eight hours* per day glued to screens during lockdown and, now that travel restrictions are easing, over a third (34%) are looking for remote adventures with no interruptions from technology.

Tech-free getaway

The map, launched by The Shackleton Whisky, will give people the chance to swap months of video calls, social media, and emails, for uninterrupted, signal-free getaways at forest cabins, tree-house retreats, and accommodation only accessible by boat or long hikes.

And for those looking for something extra off-grid, The Shackleton Whisky has created a unique private experience, set up at a hidden location in the wild. The real adventure? Guests of this secret offering will only find out where they’re going after booking for free via Instagram - and will then have to undertake a mini-adventure to get there.

The retreat will have no phone signal or electricity, dinner will be locally foraged and prepared on an open fire and there will be opportunities for paddle boarding, hiking and biking. It will even feature its own, well-stocked, Shackleton whisky bar.

Outlander star, Richard Rankin was the first to stay at the secret location as he took a well-earned switch-off from filming season 6 of the popular show - and now Shackleton whisky are giving groups of up to six the chance to book a free stay through the brand’s Instagram page.

The first "off-grid" map of the UK, created by The Shackleton whisky, launches today, featuring some of Britain's best offline staycations - after it was found that Brits spent over eight hours per day glued to their screens during lockdown. To celebrate its release, Shackleton has built a pop-up retreat in a secret location for groups of up to six to book this bank holiday weekend (28th – 30th May). Visit their Instagram page for more information.

Kenny Nicholson, Head of Modern Spirits at Shackleton Whisky, said: “The Shackleton Whisky is inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the greatest explorers in history. He

believed that it's in our nature to explore and venture out into the great unknown. After more than a year being stuck indoors, our need to get in touch with our adventurous side and to enjoy quality time with others has never been stronger.”

“When we step outside and put our phones down, we free ourselves of distractions - and that’s why we wanted to give people the chance to adventure off grid through these staycations this year.”

Richard Rankin, Actor and star of popular TV series Outlander, said: “My screen time went through the roof over the last year. Everything had to be done on video calls – from work to seeing family and friends.

“But now that travel restrictions are lifting, the opportunity to get offline is ideal - no signal, no Wi-Fi; just great chat and great whisky.

"For me, The Shackleton Whisky’s off-grid getaway was the perfect balance of gritty adventure, relaxation, and the chance to explore the great outdoors and snap some of my own photos.”

Shackleton Whisky’s Go-Off-Grid map first launched in 2019 featuring the UK’s best offline locations for walks or hikes. To view those, as well as Britain’s best off-grid retreats, head to: