Watch the moment a quick-thinking dog owner saved his Jack Russell from choking to death

When his dog started choking on a piece of cheese, this quick-thinking owner saved his pet’s life with the heimlich manoeuvre.

Electrician and former lifeguard Joshua Aspey, 22, used his poolside training to rescue his beloved Jack Russell Sally from choking on the food he’d just given to her.

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After realising Sally was having a fit, Mr Aspey began to thump her on the back and chest, successfully dislodging the food from her throat and allowing her to recover from the ordeal.

Joshua Aspey saving Sally the dog's life.

The heroic act was captured on a CCTV camera installed in Mr Aspey's home.

Mr Aspey, from Watchet, Somerset, said: "I heard her paws scraping on the tiles so I turned around and saw her fitting.

“I just started to smack her on the back and shook her head up and down to try to bring it back up.

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“I shook her head back and forth and the first piece came out. There were two lots of food in there.

Sally the dog.

“I put my fingers down her throat to get the second bit. Seeing your dog doing that is horrible. My dogs means the world to me.”

Sally made a full recovery soon after her ordeal.

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