Your new summer beauty must-have for travelling has been launched by top nail brand Mylee

The Mylee Fix n Flash LED Nail Torch. Photo by Mylee.The Mylee Fix n Flash LED Nail Torch. Photo by Mylee.
The Mylee Fix n Flash LED Nail Torch. Photo by Mylee. | Mylee

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Top nail brand Mylee has just launched the new Fix ‘N’ Flash LED Torch - your new summer beauty must have which you need for travelling.

POV – you’ve spent time giving yourself a gel nail manicure, but then right before an important ocassion you have a nail breakage and need to be able to carry out an emergency touch-up. What do you do?

It’s a lot of trouble to get your Mylee Pro LED Lamp out just for one nail, and sometimes you don’t have time to do so either. That’s where the handy Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash LED Torch comes in . . . this freestanding vertical torch lets you hold your tip precisely in place, then flash cure so it doesn't wobble.

The Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash Torch is travel-friendly, meaning you can do those all-important touch-ups when on the go. Expect easy USB charging and an unlimited second setting so you don’t have to keep using the on/off buttons. It’s your new beauty must-have for summer 2024 because you can take it anywhere; put it in your suitcase for weekend breaks, day trips and holidays - and you can always have peace of mind that if accidents to occur you can quickly and easily sort out your mani no matter where you are.

The Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash LED Torch also really hand to use if you don’t have time to add nail art to your base manicure after you have fully cured it using your usual Mylee Pro LED Lamp, because you can use it to flash cure any nail art as you go, to keep it in place and stop it from smudging. It’s head also moves for perfect positioning so you can target the exact area you need to cure. You won’t want to leave home without it.


The Mylee Fix ‘N’ Flash LED Torch has seven fantastic features:

• Travel-friendly

• For easy flash curing

• Stand means you can flash cure hands-free

• Stand means you can charge the torch whilst using it

• USB cable

• Bulb has 50,000 hour lifespan

• Lasts 2 hours before needing to be re-charged