Kenny Shiels feels Bray Wanderers had unfair advantage

Derry City manager Kenny Shiels.Derry City manager Kenny Shiels.
Derry City manager Kenny Shiels.
Derry City manager Kenny Shiels believes the situations at Bray Wanderers and Limerick isn't good for League of Ireland football.

It was confirmed yesterday that Bray players haven’t been paid for seven weeks, while PFAI representatives are to meet Limerick today to discuss possible strike action, something which Wanderers’ players voted in favour of recently.

Shiels also believes that Wanderers over spending has come back to haunt them and isn’t fair on his club.

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“The Bray situation doesn’t help the league, but I don’t want to be saying anything bad about Bray or any other team that’s in financial difficulty, but you make the bed then you have to lie in it,” he insisted.

“If you over spend outside of what you can afford then it comes back to haunt you.

“If I was after a fancy car and I make the first instalment and maybe the second instalment and then I haven’t the money to make all the instalments then I’m going to have to give the car back and it’s a similar situation.

“They are paying big wages to certain players, I know they were and those players are scoring goals against you, it’s annoying. Last year they beat us three times but they had quality players that they couldn’t afford.

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“I don’t think it’s fair on Derry City to have lost to Bray but it wasn’t fair because our players were paid in full and Bray’s aren’t going to be paid according to reports, so I’m not in a position to judge Bray, but I am in a position to judge their team.

“Our club has worked really hard to pay our players, much lesser money than what Bray were paying theirs, so it gave them a distinct advantage.”

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