Derry DJ says time has come for locals to support live music scene

Local Music Producer and DJ Gary Curran, believes the only way the music scene in Derry can improve and move forward is if venue owners and the general public are prepared to invest in it.

Gary Curran, local Music Producer, DJ and Entertainment Consultant.
Gary Curran, local Music Producer, DJ and Entertainment Consultant.

Gary has been involved in local music for years and has gained some international recognition through being part of Electronica act The Japanese Popstars and since his return from the states has now found himself taking on the role of an entertainment consultant.

“There is an abundance of music in Derry that tap in to all genres and the scene as a whole can become stronger if people learn to appreciate the time effort and finer details that come with putting on exceptional entertainment”.

“In some respects we have been spoiled with lots of “free” events and although it is great that these still exist in many of the local pubs and clubs, an awareness needs to be made that even paying something a small as £5 can allow promoters to bring in more specialist acts and not have them by pass our ‘Music City” and give punters more variety”

It surprising that many Derry people travel to Belfast and Dublin for concerts and yet expect it to be free when in their home City, he added

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    We have lots of great venues to nurture a vibrant music scene like Silver Street, Bennigans, Sandino’s, The Quays, Nerve Centre, Millenium Forum, Waterside Theatre, St. Columb’s Hall, Glass Works, all the bars in William Street, The Bunker and not to forget those being refurbished and more are to open so there is immense potential to move the scene forward in a positive way and become one of the Cities that music lovers travel to.

    There are many experienced promoters who I speak to daily and could tell you their experiences including the difficulties they have faced when trying to put on entertainment here.

    It’s a vicious cycle with venues understandably wanting maximum numbers, the general punter refusing to pay and the local DJs/bands who are still getting similar money to what they were paid 10 years ago.

    With a collective effort, and finding a middle ground, there is ample opportunity to change make this change.

    “This of course is just an observation, which I believe many people can relate to.”

    Although Gary has travelled the world on the back of his musical talents, he said nothing would make him happier but to see a vibrant local live music scene that young people could aspire to become involved in.

    Moving back to Gary’s music production, the next few months are guaranteed to be action packed for Gary who goes by the DJ name of Confute.

    After tearing the roof off with Adam Beyer in the Button Factory in Dublin last month – 2016 looks really exciting for Gary as he pushes forward. Not one to sit still he has already completed a remix for Irish based Production duo Phraktal and a new Confute EP is imminent and possibly some Japanese Popstars material.

    “I’ve also been mixing and mastering tracks for a few American DJs and my guest mix for Represent FM aired on Saturday Past.

    I’ll be playing along side Mr. C at his Superfreq Birthday in London this March, and at the end of May I return to play Together Festival in Boston, with more dates being pencilled in.”

    If jetting across the globe wasn’t enough to keep Gary busy he’s managed to spare some time to help out two charities.

    Gary is a patron for local anxiety, stress and depression charity, CALMS and a night has been organized by Tekkers Events where Gary has agreed to waiver his usual performance fee and a percentage of the tickets will go towards Calms and a second charity Sports Against Suicide.

    “CALMS is very important to me so this gig gives me the chance to give something back. It’s a worthwhile cause and I always like to do what I can to help others,” he said.

    The night which is called ‘Valentine’s Vinyl Revival’. Will take place at Pitchers Bar and Restaurant on February 13.